• ZN:PRDM (Zona Neutra: Passa um Rio Dentro de Mim) (2013)

    In “ZN:PRDM”, through distinctive markings and existing maps, we searched for clues and signs of groundwater flow, in addition to ducts, sewers, wires and cables, garages and subways, in overlapping, rectified paths of our cities.


    The site chosen to undertake the project was a stretch from the periphery lacking resources of the East Zone of São Paulo, a huge district (298.8km2, 3.620.494 inhabitants) and pockets of poor infrastructure and little political-government support.

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    The Poéticas Digitais Group in this work is composed of: Gilbertto Prado, Agnus Valente, Andrei Thomaz, Clarissa Ribeiro, Claudio Bueno, Daniel Ferreira, Luciana Ohira, Nardo Germano, Renata La Rocca, Sérgio Bonilha, and Tatiana Travisani.


    In its initial configuration, this project was designed for the EZ Vortex Symposium: Urban Interventions – Laboratory, coordinated by Nelson Brissac Peixoto, Ary Perez, Gilberto Prado and Ruy Lopes, at the University Center Maria Antônia – USPi. The event took place from March to June 2013, with weekly roundtables composed of four participants. The work ZN:PRDM was presented on June 19, in the communication of Gilberto Prado, with description of various steps and procedures of the project.






    youtube: https://youtu.be/eas9zI-nZVw –ZL Vórtice.




    PRADO, Gilbertto. Projetos “ZN:PRDM” e “ø25 – quarto lago”: grupo poéticas digitais. In: Encontro Internacional de Arte e Tecnologia #12.ART (2013). Disponível em: http://art.medialab.ufg.br/p/9168-12-art-2013